Trapped worker rescued from chemical tank in Salt Lake City

2021-12-24 06:52:29 By : Ms. Annie Lin

SALT LAKE CITY — An adult male was rescued from a chemical tank on Tuesday and then hospitalized in stable condition.

Salt Lake City Fire Captain Anthony Burton said they were called to a scene at 4285 West and 1385 South in the early afternoon.

Burton said that the worker was servicing a chemical tank and was following “most of” his company’s safety procedures, but ended up becoming trapped after losing consciousness.

Upon arrival, a HazMat team from Salt Lake City Fire checked the atmosphere in the tank. They were trying to determine the substance or substances that would have caused the worker to lose consciousness. 

The chemical tank in question typically hauls methane, Burton told KSL.  The tanks are purged with nitrogen. 

But not knowing the substances can be a dangerous situation for the rescue workers, as well as for the victim, Burton said. The rescuer’s potential danger was increased by the confined space where the victim had been working.

And, Burton said, the initial first responders did not have the appropriate equipment to conduct the rescue.

Burton said that Salt Lake City Fire’s heavy rescue team responded along with other firefighters and was able to use a rope system to conduct the confined space rescue.

The worker is in the hospital. An industrial investigation continues.