Chemical storage equipment LNG Lox Lin Lar Lco2 storage tank

Chemical Storage Equipment LNG Lox Lin Lar Lco2 Storage TankLiquid Tank Specification: 1. Water Capacity: 20m3 2. Working Pressure: 0.6MPa 3. Overall Dimension: Dia2600xL6260mm 4. Empty Weight: 10675kg 5. Insulation Type: Perlite Powder Vacuum Insulation 6. Inner Vessel Material: X5CrNi18-10 7.

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Chemical Storage Equipment LNG Lox Lin Lar Lco2 Storage Tank

Liquid Tank Specification: 

1. Water Capacity: 20m3 
2. Working Pressure: 0.6MPa 
3. Overall Dimension: Dia2600xL6260mm 
4. Empty Weight: 10675kg 
5. Insulation Type: Perlite Powder Vacuum Insulation 
6. Inner Vessel Material: X5CrNi18-10 
7. Outer Shell Material: Q245R 
8. Fluid Process: Expand Perlite 
9. Design Temperature: -196 degree/+50 degree 
10. Certification Provided: BV/SGS/TUV/GOST 

Liquid Tank Introduction:

The word cryogenics stems from Greek and means "the production of freezing cold"; However, the term is used today as a synonym for the low-temperature state. It is not well-defined at what point on the temperature scale refrigeration ends and cryogenics begins, but most scientists[2] assume it starts at or below -150 ° C or 123 K (about -240 ° F). The National Institute of Standards and Technology at Boulder, Colorado has chosen to consider the field of cryogenics as that involving temperatures below 180 ° C (-292 ° F or 93.15 K). This is a logical dividing line, since the normal boiling points of the so-called permanent gases (such as helium, hydrogen, neon, nitrogen, oxygen, and normal air) lie below 180 ° C while the Freon refrigerants, hydrogen sulfide, and other common refrigerants have boiling points above 180 ° C. 

                                                LO2 LN2 LAr LCO2 CRYOGENIC STORAGE TANK SPECIFICATION
ItemsSpecificationValid VolumeWorking PressureDimensionEmpty Weight
Chemical Storage Equipment LNG Lox Lin Lar Lco2 Storage Tank
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 Chemical Storage Equipment LNG Lox Lin Lar Lco2 Storage Tank
Chemical Storage Equipment LNG Lox Lin Lar Lco2 Storage TankChemical Storage Equipment LNG Lox Lin Lar Lco2 Storage Tank 

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