1000m3/H Biological Scrubber for Purifying Biogas Sulfuric Gas

Biological Scrubber Bioreactor for Gas Purification and DesulfurizationBiological desulfurization (BDS) is a process in which a sulfur-containing compound (H2S, organic sulfur) is catalyzed by microorganisms or enzymes contained therein to convert it into elemental sulfur (S) and a trace amount of SO4²&m

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Biological Scrubber Bioreactor for Gas Purification and Desulfurization

Biological desulfurization (BDS) is a process in which a sulfur-containing compound (H
2S, organic sulfur) is catalyzed by microorganisms or enzymes contained therein to convert it into elemental sulfur (S) and a trace amount of SO4²¯. With this biological desulfurization process, the efficiency can be higher than 99.5%.

Technically it belongs to separate biological desulfurization process, as it does not introduce exogenous gases such as air, oxygen into reaction, and the calorific value of biogas remains unchanged. It can be used for removal of 
H2S in biogas, natural gas and industrial waste gas generated by anaerobic digestion of domestic garbage, livestock manure, kitchen waste and organic sewage. The desulfurization product is a high-purity elemental sulfur (S), which can be used for industrial production.

Working principles:
The biological desulfurization process can be divided into three units: 1) absorption tower, 2) biological regeneration reactor for washing liquid, and 3) elemental sulfur separator.

As shown in flow chart below, the alkaline biological washing liquid is sprayed from the top of the washing tower and it will countercurrently contact with the sulfur-containing compound (primary H2S) source, which is entered from the bottom of washing tower. During this process, the H2S will be efficiently absorbed. Then the rich liquid containing sulfide flows from the bottom of the washing tower into the biological regeneration reactor. Through the treatments of microorganisms, the alkaline biological washing liquid will be regenerated in the biological regeneration reactor. As for elemental sulfur, it can be recovered through the elemental sulfur separator, by means of particle precipitation.
1000m3/H Biological Scrubber for Biogas Sulfur-Containing Gas Purification

Absorption Tower: H2S+OH- = HS-+H2O
Biological Regeneration Reactor: microorganisms as catalyst, HS-+1/2O2 → S+OH-

High desulfurization efficiency 99.5%
Low operational costs due to regeneration of alkalinity in the bioreactor
Production of high grade elemental sulphur
Stable performance, easy to control
No oxygen or nitrogen is added, therefore the biogas quality is maintained
Low risk on clogging in scrubber, as no biological activity takes place there
Small land required
Suitable for large-scale, high sulfur-containing gas (100ppm~20000ppm)

 ComparisonDry DesulfurizationWet DesulfurizationBiological Desulphurization
ApplicationSmall and medium projects with gas less than 5000m³/day; Second high precision desulfurization after other methodsLarge Gas Plant up to 100,000 m^3/ day; High sulfur content around 5g/Nm³Large-scale, high sulfur-containing gas (100ppm~20000ppm)
Power ConsumptionNoneHighModerate
Operating CostModerate, the desulfurizer need to be changed periodicallyModerateLow cost on electricity bill
Land ScaleSmallFull set of equipment for gas desulfurization, regeneration, filtration and melting sulfur, in result, large land is required.Moderate
Operation ManagementEasy to manage, reliable operation, dispense with staff on dutyNeed people on duty to control the operationAutomatic operation, simple maintenance
NoteRefueling at fixed period, one use one reserve, alternate operationMany equipment 
AdvantagesSimple structure, low investment, long lifetime, high precision of desulfurization (lower than 15ppm)
It can deal with large amount gas, and the system can run continuously by using PH value to keep the efficiency. 
High desulfurization efficiency 99.5%, no second pollution, stable performance, suitable for large-scale, high sulfur-containing gas

1000m3/H Biological Scrubber for Biogas Sulfur-Containing Gas Purification

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1000m3/H Biological Scrubber for Biogas Sulfur-Containing Gas Purification

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