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Topless Tower Crane QTZ80P(PT5613)1. The main stressed steel parts of QTZ80P(PT5613) topless tower crane use Q345B steel, size of mast section is 2m*2m*2.8m, splited mast section can save tr

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Topless Tower Crane QTZ80P(PT5613)
1. The main stressed steel parts of QTZ80P(PT5613) topless tower crane use Q345B steel, size of mast section is 2m*2m*2.8m, splited mast section can save transportation fee.

2. Light weight, small air resistance, convenient transportation, slewing applies double slewing mechanisms, hoisting mechanism uses double-speed wound motors, run smoothly.

Properties and merits of Topless tower crane QTZ80P(PT5613):
1. Advanced manufacturing technique and quality management.
2. High working efficiency, great speed
1. Brand name: Minglong
2. Model number: QTZ80(PT5613)
3. Condition: New
4. Color: As clients' requirement
5. Jib length: 56m
6. Max. Load: 8T
7. Tip load: 1.3T
8. Free standing height: 45m
8. Working radius: 3m-56m
9. Structure self-weight: 45T
10. Balance weight: 11.82T
11. Type: Stationery/ externary climbing/ inner climbing (optional)
12. Mast size: 1.8x1.8x2.8m
13. Lift motor power: 43.5KW
14. Cabin: Included
15. Slewing mechanism: Dual
16. Hoisting mechanism: Double-speed wound motor drag

QTZ100 tower crane is a kind of horizontal arm support, trolleying, top slewing and jacking climbing tower crane. All the performance parameters and technical index achieve or surpasses the national standard. Its max. work range is 56 meters, free standing height is 45meters and max. height is 180 meters, rated load moment is 900kN·m, and max. load moment is 1000kN·m.
It's an ideal engineering machinery for construction enterprises for its advanced parameters, excellent and reliable performance, beautiful sculpt, polish quality, simple and practical structure, and also its rational price. It has advanced safety settings, can be used safely and maintained conveniently.

 Performance parameters
Item PerformanceParameters
1Max. load8t
2Jib length56m
3Tip load1.3t
4Free standing height45m
5Max. height180m
6Size of mast section1.835×1.835 ×2.5m
7Material of mast sectionAngle steel stiffened plate button square 125x12
Delivery timeWithin 7 days after deposit
WarrantyOne year
Terms of payment30% deposit, the balance is T/T or L/C at sight; 100% L/C at sight
Validity of price30 days
Warranty periodOne year.
The period and fees of the warranty1. In the warranty period, the seller won't charge for replacing the broken fittings that caused by the quality and will pay for the mailing fees concerned.
2. In the warranty period, the seller will charge cost only for the replacing fittings which caused by users don't keep the machine in good condition or don't operate in the correct way. The mailing and related fees should be paid by the buyer;
3. When the warranty period is expired, the seller will only charge for cost of the fittings which have been replaced. And the mailing and related fees have to be paid by the buyer;
4. No matter the warranty period is expired or not, should the buyer need the seller's engineer to the site of the buyer to deal with the trouble of the equipment, the buyer has to supply an interpreter and pay for the fees of round trip ticket, hotel fees, transportation fees and pay the seller's Engineer 150 US dollars per day per person;
Installation and Testing of equipment1. The Seller will send one experienced engineer to the Buyer's site to help the completed installation works under the requirement of the Buyer.
2. The Buyer is responsible for the following:
deal with the visa for the Seller's engineer, pay round trip air tickets;
a Chinese-English interpreter;
The transportation fees of the engineer in the buyer's country;
responsible for the safety of the engineer in the buyer's country;
Pay the engineer USD150 per working day as allowance;
3. Preparation work on the site should be done well. Should the reason of buyer or the customer that caused the delay of installation, they have to bear the corresponded fees. The buyer has to fill in an installation contact form by the seller and fax to the seller to ensure the preparation work is well done Before the seller's engineer arriving the site of the buyer, Should the engineer of seller arrived the site of buyer but preparation work not done, the related fees should be paid by the buyer;
The installation period can be arranged by the seller and the buyer.

 Table for technical performances
Rated lifting torque  kN.m900
Max. lifting capacityt8
Working rangem3~56
Lifting HeightIndependent46.2
Lifting speedDouble magnificationm/min80.4/41.0
Quadruple magnification39.4/20.1
Slewing speedr/min0.62
Trolleying speedm/min43.3/21.9
Climbing speed0.4
Min. stable descending speed≤7
Outer size of whole craneFoundation framem8×8
Overall heightIndependent55.892
Tip of jib to the slewing center54.17
Tip of balanced jib to slewing center13.39
Total weightStructure weightIndependentt46
Total motor capacitykW41.52
Allowed operating temperatureºC-26~+40
Power supply parameters50/60Hz~380-440V±10%
Table3   Table of tech data

Main tech data
Mechanical load factorHoisting mechanismM5
Slewing mechanismM4
Trolleying mechanismM4
Hoisting mechanismmotorModelYZRDW225-4/8/
Height limiterModelFKDX-G
Steel wire ropeModel6W19-12.5-1770-I
Max. pulling force (N)15000
Lifting Speed (m/min)80.441.039.420.1
Rated lifting capacity(t)1.342.68
Min. stable descending speedm/min≤7
Slewing mechanismMotorModelYZR132M2-6
Power (kW)3.7×2
Speed (r/min)908
Transmission ratio180
Hydraulic couplingsModelYOX280A
Slewing pinionsmodulus     m12
teeth    z15
Modification coefficient+0.5
Slewing speedr/min0.62
Slewing bearingsStraight 4-point contact ball type bearingsModel011·45·1400
modulus    m12
teeth    z131
Hydraulic jacking mechanismMotorModelY132M-4B5
Operating press of hydraulic oil tankMpa25
Max. lifting forcet50
Cylinder strokemm1600
Mounting spacemm2070
Diameter of oil tankmmφ160
Diameter of cylinder piston rodmmφ110
Climbing speedm/min0.4
Trolleying mechanismMotorModelYDEJ132S-4/8
Power (kw)4.5/3
Steel wire ropeSpecification6×19-7.7-1550-
Transmission ratio43

8 Ton Flat Top Tower Crane Stationary Tower Crane Self-Erecting Tower Crane Ce and ISO9001
8 Ton Flat Top Tower Crane Stationary Tower Crane Self-Erecting Tower Crane Ce and ISO9001
8 Ton Flat Top Tower Crane Stationary Tower Crane Self-Erecting Tower Crane Ce and ISO9001
8 Ton Flat Top Tower Crane Stationary Tower Crane Self-Erecting Tower Crane Ce and ISO9001
8 Ton Flat Top Tower Crane Stationary Tower Crane Self-Erecting Tower Crane Ce and ISO9001
8 Ton Flat Top Tower Crane Stationary Tower Crane Self-Erecting Tower Crane Ce and ISO9001

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