Level Up Your Kawasaki Z900RS With Doremi's 80s-Inspired Kits

2022-08-22 05:26:50 By : Ms. Jenny Chen

When it comes to transforming modern bikes into replicas of iconic models, there's really no better platform to work on than today's crop of neo-retro cafe-racers and scramblers. Indeed many aftermarket manufacturers have struck gold when it comes to these so called reverse resto-mod creations. One such company with an impeccable attention to detail is Doremi Collection from Japan, with its new offerings for the Kawasaki Z900RS. 

Already a gorgeous-looking machine out of the box, the Z900RS can be made even more unique, with a highlight to the brand's heritage, thanks to Doremi Collection's masterful body kits. You have the option of choosing from three homage replicas—the KZ1000, Z1000R Eddie Lawson Replica, and the GPZ900R Ninja, which you may be familiar with from Top Gun. In order to execute the meticulous task of creating bodywork that looks like iconic models for the present-day Z900RS, Doremi came up with the ingenious solution of using a sheetmetal tank that would then be covered by a fiberglass tank cover in the style of the iconic model. 

The sheet metal tank is then covered with a fiberglass-reinforced plastic tank cover that is modeled after either the GPZ900R or the KZ1000. The front fairings, cowls, and all other body components are made of the same fiberglass material. They can be furnished with the eye-catching, brand-typical multi-ride painting upon request. Doremi Collection ships both whole parts kits and individual components globally from Japan.

The KZ1000 conversion, which dates back a few years in Kawasaki history, requires a lot more work. As you can  see, the kit includes two faux shock absorbers that are attached to the rear of the bike. These twin shock absorbers serve no function other than to mimic the appearance of the vintage bike. As such, black plastic coverings are used to conceal the stock flat-lying monoshock, which continues its rear suspension duties for the Z900RS. Furthermore, for those who want a truly authentic-looking replica, The Doremi Collection offers custom, black-coated exhaust systems and narrower wheels, as well.  

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